Col. Bong Nebrija has a radar gun

Back in 2019, the Metro Manila Council enacted MMDA Regulation No. 19-001, which basically sets a 60-kilometer per hour speed limit along most of Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares, including the whole stretch of EDSA. The fine is set at PhP 1,000.00 for each overspeeding violation.

With the rainy season in place, the roads have also become slippery, with potholes emerged at certain points along EDSA. This makes speeding a lot more dangerous. That's why EDSA boss, Col. Bong Nebrija, has brought along a new toy: a speed gun.

EDSA boss monitoring 60kph EDSA speed limit image

According to Nebrija, he and his team are monitoring traffic speeds along EDSA.

“I’m testing my new toy. Somebody gave me a speed gun from the US and I’m using it to monitor traffic speeds on EDSA,” said the EDSA boss on his recent most social media post.

Besides monitoring the speed of buses that ply the EDSA carousel lane (50 kph limit), the MMDA is also monitoring all other vehicle speeds along EDSA, including motorcycles, with their government-issued speed guns.

“Manage your speed especially now that roads are so slippery and [have] lots of potholes,” added Nebrija, to remind motorists to be extra careful especially during this rainy season.

So slow down and drive under the speed limit. You don't want to be flagged down and receive a ticket from the EDSA boss himself.