Missing the basic requirement

This week has been dominated by news about drivers who were caught using fake driver’s licenses (DL). They most likely acquired these through online services offering “non-appearance” DLs, which the Land Transportation Office (LTO) says are all scams.

Yet according to EDSA boss, Col. Bong Nebrija, another cause for concern is the number of motorcycle riders who are plying the roads without a valid driver’s license.

“Aside from fake licenses, another issue that we are encountering on EDSA are riders with no licenses. Like this one yesterday, he has no license but the OR/CR of the new motorcycle he was riding is named under him,” shared the EDSA boss on his social media account.

It was surprising in the sense that these motorcycle users acquired a motorcycle even if they were not yet given the PRIVILEGE to drive a motorcycle by the LTO. The penalty for driving without a valid license is PhP3,000.00 plus 1-year ban from getting a DL from the LTO.

Also, if there is no legitimate DL holder to ride the motorcycle back home, it will be impounded by the authorities because it is obstructing traffic. This goes the same for vehicles with drivers who are driving without a license. Towing and releasing the vehicle from the impound carries another set of fines.

Again, the LTO constantly reminds the public that “driving is a privilege and not a right.” If you want to drive a motor vehicle, you should go through the LTO’s licensing process.