MMDA catches illegal habal-habal rider

Yesterday, we shared a story about a motorcycle rider who rode at high speed on the EDSA bicycle lane, risking the lives of the cyclists who are using it. Worse, he doesn't realize the danger of what’s he’s done, saying he's done it before. This didn’t sit well with EDSA boss, Bong Nebrija.

Every day, it seems that there’s always another interesting EDSA law enforcement story from the EDSA boss himself.

More recently, Nebrija shared an incident on his social media account about a rider they’ve flagged down because he was just wearing a pair of slippers. While checking their documents, MMDA personnel noticed a couple of red flags that hinted that the rider and the pillion, were in fact, not related. This could is one indication that it could be an illegal habal-habal, which is similar to a motorcycle taxi minus all the necessary registration , affiliation with an operator, and safety and standards that they are required follow.

“We’ve been asking the lady backrider and she was so inconsistent [with her stories] and that sent us a red flag. We asked her to go down and we asked her away from the rider. Mas matigas yung angkas but when the rider saw na mabubuko na sila, umamin na 100 ang kontrata nila. Ayun di na makasagot yung babae kasi bistadong sinungaling (The pillion rider was stubborn, but when the rider realized they'd be discovered, he admitted to being contracted for PhP100. The pillion didn’t say a word anymore), shared Nebrija to

The EDSA boss warned that next time a pillion intervenes on behalf of an illegal habal-habal rider, they might be forced to call the police to arrest him or her for obstruction of justice.