Micro Honda model just PhP500

There have been lots of Lego motorcycle sets in the past. There’s one of a Harley-Davidson and another of a Ducati Panigale. However, we’ve yet to see a Honda one. Perhaps it’s because their Japanese competitor has snagged the license first.

This should not be confused with counterfeit Lego-maker, Lepin. Nanoblock is a Japanese micro construction brick brand, best known for their architecture collections featuring famous Japanese landmarks and… (checks notes) food.

Nanoblock launches PhP500 Honda Super Cub set image

The Nanoblock Honda Super Cub set is not just a quaint homage. It’s an officially licensed Honda product.

Nanoblock launches PhP500 Honda Super Cub set image

As you can expect, the set is an adorable blocky recreation of the original SuperCub, first introduced in 1958. Rather than the typical red variant, Nanoblock bravely chose the less popular colors, blue and green.

The Nanoblock set is a 200-piece kit. It may be less detailed than your typical Lego model. However, it’s also far more affordable. The set is priced at JP¥1,045 (PhP476). It’s also tiny at just 43 x 58 x 84 mm. Best of all, it just might be available at your nearest Japan Home store. Be warned that Nanoblocks kits are made of really tiny bricks and are not recommended for very young children.