Ultimate Z teased for October 23

If there's any bike that needs no introduction, it's the Kawasaki H2. The supercharged superbike has shattered all sorts of speed records, and with top speed claims anywhere from 330 – 400 km/h, is arguably one of the fastest motorcycles around.

Naked Kawasaki H2 to be revealed at Tokyo Motor Show image

H2 platform pictured above and below.

The H2 is only available as a fully-faired supersport and as a track-only H2R that has even more wings. So what about riders that want that thrill of unparalleled speed who wouldn't mind showing off that monstrous 998cc supercharged inline-4?

Your prayers may soon be answered as Kawasaki has been teasing what could be the long-overdue naked version of the the H2.

Naked Kawasaki H2 to be revealed at Tokyo Motor Show image

In teaser videos revealed over the past months, Kawasaki has been revealing the famous green Z (used for its naked models) over footage of a centrifugal supercharger spooling up. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this could indicate Kawasaki plans to launch a naked version of the H2.

As to what it will be called, your guess is as good as ours. The most logical would be to simply call it the Z-H2. Of course, the video never indicates it will be called that.

So far, the video only reveals a massive air intake, a green steel trellis frame, two headlamps consistent with Kawasaki's current design aesthetic, and a TFT instrument panel that suggests it might have various rider aids like cruise control, electronic traction control and ABS.

Naked Kawasaki H2 to be revealed at Tokyo Motor Show image

Chances are, the “Z-H2” will likely be powered by the same 998cc DOHC inline-4 found in the H2, supercharged, and possibly producing even more power than the original H2.

The new flagship naked bike, likely positioned above the Z900, will be officially revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 23, 2019. Stay tuned to this site for updates.

Check the video above to see the clues and guess for yourself.