MV Agusta CEO answers questions from social media

Italian two-wheeler manufacturer, MV Agusta, is looking to expand its product offerings beyond the current crop of supersport, naked, and sport tourer bikes.

The Italian motorcycle maker recently held a Face to Face with its CEO, Timur Sardarov personally answering questions sent in by its social media followers. The questions and answer segment was uploaded to its Facebook and Instragram pages.

MV Agusta CEO: scrambler, cruiser, and Cagiva coming image

In it, Sardarov tackled a variety of questions from the recent reshuffling of its design team formerly headed by Adrian Norton, to its plans for expansion and distributorship in several countries.

Perhaps the most interesting part is where questions are asked regarding MV Agusta’s future plans. Here, Sardarov briefly shares what’s in store for the company.


For one, MV Agusta plans to create its own scrambler in response to the growing segment. The CEO didn’t reveal that many details, however it’s very likely this upcoming scrambler will use MV Agusta’s already tried and tested 800cc 3-cylinder engine. The same engine is already extensively used throughout the brand’s lineup and it’s already in the right size to compete against the current scrambler offerings from Ducati and Triumph.

Sardarov emphasized MV Agusta’s preference to fully spec a bike, and so it will likely include a number of components like a 5.5-inch TFT display with Bluetooth, as well as all the latest electronics.

MV Agusta CEO: scrambler, cruiser, and Cagiva coming image


Another follower asked if the brand intends to enter the cruiser segment. Quite surprisingly, Sardarov candidly answered that it will. A cruiser model is still a couple of years away in the brand’s plans, but it may be introduced in as little as two years.


Another interesting development is what the brand plans to do with Cagiva. When asked about this, Sardarov simply said it will be a city commuter product. We already mentioned before that MV Agusta plans to use Cagiva to market its electric motorcycles. This revelation seems to confirm that with new electric city motorcycles bearing the Cagiva name in the pipeline. It’s a shame as many Cagiva fans were likely looking forward to the rebirth of the Elefant dual sport. However, there’s still hope that it may have a spiritual successor — perhaps a more adventure-oriented Turismo Veloce — under the MV Agusta brand.

Turbo engines

Finally, when asked what’s further ahead, the CEO mentioned that the brand may look into turbocharging. Naturally, tightening emissions restrictions may make it harder to produce the kind of power enthusiasts expect from an MV Agusta. As such, a turbocharged engine may be the solution to meet this challenge. This is not as definite as the other revelations. It’s just something the brand is looking into to produce more power while still meeting emissions restrictions.