17 percent of Ducati’s 2021 total sales goes to the Multistrada V4

Ok, if there is one surprising thing that the global pandemic revealed, it is that people are spending a lot of money on motorcycles. Just recently, premium motorcycle brands like BMW and KTM have reported record-breaking sales for the previous year, even surpassing their pre-pandemic sales records.

As for the Italians, Ducati has also reported similar astonishing sales figures for 2021, surpassing their 2019 sales figures by 12%.

Ducati concluded 2021 with a record figure of 59,447 motorcycles delivered to customers all over the world and achieving an increase in sales of + 24% over 2020 (48,042) and + 12% over 2019 (53,183).

The Multistrada V4 is Ducati’s top bike for 2021

Out of the 59,447 Ducati motorcycles sold all over the world, the Multistrada V4 tops the list with a total of 9,957 sold to customers – about 17% of all Ducati sales for 2021.

The Multistrada V4 is Ducati’s best-selling motorcycle for 2021 image

“2021 was a magical year for Ducati. We delivered over 59,000 motorcycles, a number never achieved before in 95 years of the company's history,” says Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali.

In 2021, Ducati’s growth came in all the main countries, starting with the United States, which regained the place as the company’s number 1 customer with 9,007 units sold. This figure corresponds to an increase of 32% from 2020, followed by Italy with 8,707 bikes (+ 23% from 2020) and Germany with 6,107 units (+ 11% from 2020).

The Chinese market also grew with 4,901 motorcycles soled (+ 21%), as well as the French with 4,352 (+ 12%) and the UK with 2,941 units (+ 30%).

MotoGP-inspired engine

The new V4 1,158cc Granturismo engine at the heart of the Multistrada V4 is inspired by the 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale – a MotoGP-derived 90° V4 with Desmodromic timing – packs 172 Ps of power and 125 Nm of torque. What sets this new engine apart from most modern Ducati engines is the extended valve maintenance interval at 60,000 kilometers. The oil change interval is set to every 15,000 kilometers. Newer, more complex engines are usually fussier and more difficult to maintain, but Ducati has strived to make it more reliable and robust.

Also, the Multistrada V4 features a reworked frame which gives the bike a more compact stance and less weight than its predecessor, now tipping the scales at only 215 kg total – one of the lightest in its class.

How much is the Ducati Multistrada V4 here in the PH?

The current Ducati Multistrada V4 is offered in two variants: the V4 S Touring at PHP 1,710,000, and the V4 S Sport with Active Radar, which starts at PHP 1,920,000.