MC Taxi operator, Move It, now certified by the TWG

Move It, the third motorcycle taxi ride-hailing app operator to join the motorcycle taxi pilot study, has recently received certification from the Motorcycle Taxi Technical Working Group (MC Taxi TWG), and is now allowed to accept bookings.

“The Motorcycle Taxi Technical Working Group (MC Taxi TWG) has decided today, 09 December 2020, to issue a Certificate of Compliance to Move It for being fully-compliant with the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) and TWG guidelines as set under the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Program.”

Like that of Joyride and Angkas, the certificate issued will be valid for the duration of the MC Taxi Pilot Study, unless revoked or canceled.

The motorcycle taxi pilot study was supposed to conclude last March but was abruptly cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak. For months, lawmakers have been working to get it back up and running again to aid transportation woes during the pandemic.

This brings the number of motorcycle ride-hailing companies allowed to operate back up to its original three, giving commuters more choice to get around.