MOTUL is the proud presenter of the 2024 BOSS Ironman

Since its inception in the early 2000s, the BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge (BIMC) continues to be the country’s most successful endurance motorcycle challenge and has even attracted rider participants from other nations.

Now in its 18th edition, MOTUL is proud to announce its partnership with the prestigious BIMC for both the Mindanao and Luzon challenges. MOTUL – one of the leading brands of motor oil in the world – is the official oil and lubricant partner and presenter of the Boss Ironman Motorcycle Challenge 2024.

Registration now open

MOTUL is the official lubricant of the 2024 BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge image

The annual BIMC, which tackles the whole Northern Luzon Loop, has now opened a BIMC Mindanao leg for our fellow riders in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Registration for both the Luzon and Mindanao legs are now open.

Registration for both the Luzon and Mindanao Ironman Motorcycle Challenge are strictly online and no walk-ins. The registration fee for the 2024 Luzon BIMC is PHP 7,500 while PHP 6,500 for the Mindanao BIMC for individual riders (no pillion).

Cars, SUVs and pick ups can also join the challenge. The Registration fee is PHP 10,500.

BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge

The Ironman Motorcycle Challenge was conceived in the early 2000s by members of BOSS as a test to see if it is possible to do a North-Luzon loop and ride it within 24 hours or less.

Now in its 18th edition, the BIMC continues to attract hundreds of riders from all over the country and abroad. Again, as the organizers would like to emphasize, the BIMC is and will never be a race – it is a test of one’s skill to navigate through the beautiful towns around North Luzon, as well as Mindanao (Mindanao BIMC) while consistently following traffic laws and finishing the challenge within 24 hours.

To know more about the 2024 BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge, visit their official social media page.