Loncin's big bike brand, Voge, teased by Motorstar at the 2020 CHAMMP Riders Day Out

In July last year, MotoPinas.com reported that Chinese industrial giant, Loncin Motor Co., Ltd., has entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with MV Agusta. That includes the development of an all-new line up of motorcycles with displacements between 350-500cc. For MV Agusta's part, it will provide assistance in developing Loncin's premium brand, Voge, which will offer mid to large capacity motorcycles (800-1000cc).

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar imageVoge 500R

Yesterday, during the Chamber of Assemblers and Manufacturers of Motorcycles in the Philippines, Inc. (CHAMMP), Rider's Day Out at the Tagaytay International Convention Center, MotoPinas.com got a first glimpse of Voge Motorcycles that will soon be offered in the country. These motorcycles will be carried by Motorstar – a brand that was famous for the Z 200 model popular in the 2010s due to its big bike-look and being a bike that's easy to customize.

According to the representatives from Motorstar, there will be three Voge motorcycle models in their line up.

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar image

Voge 500R

The first one is the roadster, the Voge 500R, which is powered by a 471 cc parallel-twin similar to Bristol's Venturi 500. It also produces 47.5 Ps at 8,500 rpm with a torque output of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

Fuel tank capacity is 17 liters, while the seat height is only 815 mm, just a tad taller than Yamaha's Aerox scooter. Perhaps at first look, it can't be denied that the Voge 500R's design cues have some similarities with KTM's Duke models, particularly the larger 1290 Super Duke R. SRP of the Voge 500R will be PhP250,000.00. That's only 250K for a 500 cc bike!

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar imageVoge 650DS (left) and 500DS (right).

Voge 500DS

The second one is the Voge 500DS, which is an adventure-bike configuration of the 500R. Engine specs are the same as the 500R, as well as the fuel tank capacity of 17 liters. Naturally, it has a higher stance, ride height, and suspension geared toward adventure riding.

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar imageVoge 500DS

But unlike Bristol's adventure bike, the Venturi 500, the current 500DS only has 17-inch alloy wheels as opposed to adventure-spec 19/17-inch wire wheels. Representatives from Motorstar assured us though that a version with wire wheels could be offered in the near future.

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar imageVoge 500DS engine

Voge 650DS

The third one is the Voge 650DS adventure bike. It is powered by a 652cc single-cylinder engine that has a max power output of 50.3 Ps @ 6,750 rpm with a torque output of 60 Nm @ 6,500 rpm, mated to a 5-speed transmission.

Motorstar to bring in Voge 500cc, 650cc bikes imageVoge 650DS' full digital instrument panel. 

These figures are almost identical to the Husqvarna TR 650, and if one looks at the engine, it cannot be denied that the aesthetics have some similarities with the Rotax engine that also powers some 650cc BMW and KTM motorcycle models.

VOGE 500cc, 650cc bikes teased by Motorstar imageVoge 650DS

Under evaluation

The latter two, however, are still in “testing status” according to Motorstar representatives, and are not yet for sale. As such, we also don't have SRPs for the Voge 500DS and 650DS as of this writing. They also added that the latter two models are currently undergoing endurance testing around the Philippines to iron out the models before they offer them in the market. Exciting times indeed.