Roberto Marchesini, founder of Marchesini Wheels passed away

Modern motorcycle wheel design owes a lot to one of its leading trailblazers, Roberto Marchesini. His creations are found on everything from top-tier MotoGP bikes to high-end supersport and custom models.

Based in Bologna, Italy, Marchesini first began work with Campagnolo, designing wheels for the company before eventually forming his own company, Marchesini Wheels.

Motorcycle wheel designer, Roberto Marchesini, passes away image

Marchesini worked extensively with magnesium and aluminum alloy, eventually moving on to designing and fabricating carbon fiber wheels for MotoGP teams.

Besides making strides in creating strong yet lightweight wheels, Marchesini wheels were also known for their beautiful design, with the wheel designs often sold as optional extras for the most sought-after limited-edition models.

Despite the popularity and desirability of his creations, Marchesini remained very approachable. Many riders shared that he was active on Facebook, eager to share advice and answer questions of fans.

Marchesini wheels has been acquired by brake manufacturer, Brembo, in 2000. Marchesini wheels continue to be offered as OEM and optional extras in a variaty of motorcycle models, from MotoGP race bikes to Japanese and Italian supersports.

Roberto Marchesini is survived by a wife and daughters.