MRO says majority of riders seeking assistance were at fault

By this time, many of you may have already seen or read on social media about the recent clash between retired police Colonel, Bonifacio Bosita, and EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija of the MMDA. But that's for another article.

During the course of our research on the legality of of pillion riders wearing slippers, which involved speaking with officials from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), as well as various motorcycle groups, came across another revelation.

Unfortunately, a large number of motorcycle riders who have been ticketed for various traffic violations and have sought assistance to pursue an adjudication process, were in fact, at fault.

Motorcycle rights group: 70-80% of cases is rider’s fault image

As a backgrounder, motorcycle rights group, MRO, offers assistance to adjudicate cases of riders who feel they have been wrongfully ticketed.

“About 70-80% of riders that sought our assistance as they proceed with the adjudication process were in fact, at fault, after we had studied their cases,” said current MRO chairman, Jobert Bolaños.

He further added that MRO is always open and willing to help those who need their assistance, however, it also saddens them as most of these riders traffic violations were indeed warranted. Some were just looking for ways to get away with it.

“Of the many cases, there were also many of those who were just looking to get away with their traffic offenses, like disregarding traffic signs or overloading [committed by couriers] and wanted to use us [MRO] when they reach the traffic adjudication office.”

Being a rider’s rights group, said Bolaños, MRO wants to promote discipline on the road and does not tolerate the padrino system. The group has constantly reminded riders to always follow the traffic laws and respect the person of authority (traffic enforcer, police) and to not argue on the street level. Traffic laws were put in place for our own safety, added Bolaños.

Common traffic violations include violations pertaining to lane markings, disregarding traffic signs (DTS, by disobeying no U-turn, no left turn signs, etc.), counter-flowing, wearing of substandard helmets, improper attire (wearing slippers), and failure to carry OR/CR.