MRSP inaugurates new facility, celebrates 8th anniversary

The Motorcycle Riding School Philippines (MRSP) has just celebrated its 8th anniversary in KRB Off-road Track, in Antipolo City.

The celebration was highlighted by the opening of the school’s newest facility, the cemented track where students with zero motorcycle experience can start learning to ride. Additionally, the new track will also serve as the school’s Strider track for toddlers and kids.

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Mel Aquino, the MRSP’s head coach, explains that he combines the fundamentals of off-road riding with the fundamentals of on-road riding, which would then make his student riders more prepared and safer in real-life riding situations.

Also, during the simple ceremony, the school’s brand ambassadors were named: Paulo Leonido, a motorcycle vlogger who started riding in 2019; Katrice Keirulf, who also started riding a few years ago and now vlogs about her travels in Katventures and host and talent manager Tristan Cheng.

Safety riding through off-road riding

Motorcycle Riding School Philippines celebrates 8th Anniversary image

Since riding off-road is much more difficult compared to riding on tarmac, lessons learned here can teach us skills that could save us during emergency situations on the road.

For example, the rainy season has begun and roads are often slippery due to rain or debris caused by potholes. Sometimes, there are silt deposits left on the road, especially after floodwaters have just subsided.

When an untrained rider is suddenly presented with any of these road hazards, the natural reaction is to squeeze the brakes as hard as possible to avoid the danger. Unfortunately for riders, this could possibly lock up the wheels, and eventually, he or she could lose traction and ultimately crash.

Motorcycle Riding School Philippines celebrates 8th Anniversary image

Off-road riders were taught differently. When presented with the same situation, he or she can either squeeze the brakes gently to maintain just the right amount of rolling traction or gas it up with just enough throttle to keep the front wheel from slipping.

Why is that? It’s because riding off-road is usually done over slippery conditions. To master it, riders have to ultimately develop the skills to properly control both the brakes and throttle.

Shifting the weight is another skill off-road riding will teach the rider. It’s very handy especially when navigating tight spots like a traffic gridlock onboard a big and heavy motorcycle.

Motorcycle Riding School Philippines celebrates 8th Anniversary image

Shifting weight on the motorcycle, from front to back or left or right, can put more traction on the appropriate wheel or side of the bike. This helps the rider make tighter turns, get more grip on the front or rear wheels, and manage tighter obstacles better.

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