New Morgan Three-Wheeler coming

Since the government now recognizes symmetrical three-wheelers as motorcycles and not tricycles, and will allow those with large displacements on the highway, it’s likely that some riders are now considering these unique vehicles as their next ride.

Of course, there are the usual choices like the Can-Am Spyder, Polaris Slingshot and Harley-Davidson Trike. However, have you ever heard of the Morgan Three-Wheeler?

Morgan working on all-new three-wheeler model image

This model has actually been around for some time. It was first offered in 1909. It was brought back on sale since 2012. There’s even a Philippine distributor for this brand.

Morgan working on all-new three-wheeler model image

The Morgan Three-Wheeler is a car and motorcycle hybrid. It rides on tires skinny enough for a motorcycle, but seats two side by side. It’s powered by a 1,983cc V-twin engine delivering drive to a single tire on the rear. It’s still a small vehicle though, about the same size if not smaller than a Can-Am Spyder. It weighs less than 500 kg and can go from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Morgan working on all-new three-wheeler model image

Best of all, there’s an all-new model coming, and Morgan promises it will be even more hard-core. Morgan gave an early glimpse of the heavily-disguised model undergoing durability testing.

Morgan says it will feature all-new design, significant engineering enhancements, and a spirit of adventure. Unlike the World War II design of its predecessor, the new model will be inspired by the early jet age.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the engine. Morgan will no longer use the V-twin and will no shift to an inline three-cylinder Ford engine. Sorry, it’s not the 120 hp EcoBoost turbo. This will be naturally aspirated.

"We are thrilled to confirm plans for an all-new three-wheeled #morgan, a model that continues an incredible story dating back to 1909,” said Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of #morgan Motor Company. “The upcoming model is an all-new ground-up design and the first whole vehicle programme to be completed under the stewardship of Investindustrial.”

Morgan working on all-new three-wheeler model image

Unfortunately, the engine is the only updates mentioned. However, those familiar with Morgan as a brand will know they’re very old-school. Its cars typically have only the bare minimum of safety features like airbags and ABS in order to keep the drive as pure as possible. The engine will likely still be paired to a Mazda sourced manual transmission. Hopefully, they will also offer it with optional RAF fighter plane livery.

Be warned, these Morgans are handbuilt in the UK and will not come cheap. Prepare a couple of million pesos and at least a year of waiting.