529,578 motorists apprehended by LTO in 2023

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has reported that 529,578 motorists were apprehended by the agency as part of its intensified campaign on the implementation or road safety and traffic laws.

For 2024, LTO enforcers will be more visible on the road, to compel motorists to behave and follow the traffic laws.

More than half a million motorists ticketed by LTO in 2023 image

“The mere presence of our uniformed personnel on the roads already encourages motorists to observe discipline. So we want the presence of our personnel on the road further intensified because observance of traffic discipline translates to road safety… This is the reason why the procurement of more motor vehicles that will be used by our enforcers is one of our priorities this year,” said LTO Chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II.

Close to 24K vehicles impounded

According to LTO’s data, the common reasons for apprehensions of motorists are violations related to Clean Air Act or the Republic Act 8749, Seatbelt Law Act or RA 8750 and overloading.

The same data also revealed that the LTO has impounded a total of 23,615 motor vehicles, a 47% increase compared to those impounded in 2022.

Mendoza then urged motor vehicle owners to follow the traffic laws and other road safety rules and regulations, especially since the LTO has started the strict implementation of the “No Registration, No Travel” policy.

The No Registration, No Travel policy is aimed at ensuring the registration of around 24.7 million motor vehicles with expired registration. The figure represents around 65%  of the total vehicles in the country.

Mendoza explained that such a policy is important since motor vehicle registration and renewal are some of the best ways to check on the roadworthiness of motor vehicles.