MMDA wants to add bicycle lane, move bus lane

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spokesperson, Atty. Celine Pialago, told reporters today that the agency is considering adding a bicycle lane on EDSA and moving the bus lane.

If the plan pushes through, the outermost lane of EDSA may soon be converted into a designated bike lane after the NCR-wide lockdown is lifted.

Ang plano din, ay ang target magkakaroon ng bike lane malapit sa mga bangketa. Ito ang ginagawa ng DOTr, nakasuporta ang MMDA diyan sa side ng enforcement (The plan is to designate a bike lane near the sidewalk. This is an initiative by the Department of Transportation with the MMDA's support and enforcement side).”

Under the quarantine, public transportation has been prohibited and the government has urged the public to utilize other modes of transportation such as motorcycles and bicycles. As the lockdown eases into General Community Quarantine (GCQ) or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), public transportation will return but with half the capacity to observe social distancing. The public is adviced to seek alternative modes of transport to avoid delays.

Pialago also added that, once the GCQ is in place and public transport resumes under a reduced capacity, the volume of busses allowed to ply EDSA will also be reduced, from 2,500 (pre-lockdown) to only 600 buses daily.

Since bike lanes will be designated on the rightmost lane, buses, on the other hand, will possibly occupy the leftmost lane (closest to the MRT). The agency may also construct footbridges so that the public can board busses at designated bus stops. 

Ang bus routes, posibleng mailipat sa left side at maglalagay na lamang ng foot bridge para sa ating mga tatawid na kababayan (It is possible that bus routes will be relocated to the left side and [the MMDA] will just install footbridges for the public).”