MMDA distributes better-quality helmets to riders in need

100 brand new motorcycle helmets were distributed today for free by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), led by EDSA boss, Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija. This is part of the advocacy program “Bayanihan Ride Safe, Stay Safe” by Gille, HNJ, and Zebra helmets.

MMDA provides better-quality helmets to motorcyclists image

Michael Bucu, one of the representatives of the helmet brands, was with the MMDA earlier. He shared with that the program is aimed at riders who are still wearing substandard, or dilapidated helmets.

“There were motorcycle riders who are still wearing tabo or helmets with a broken visor. The helmets that they are still wearing can no longer provide the necessary head protection in the event of a crash,” said Bucu in Filipino.

He added that, some riders they flagged down thought that they would be ticketed for wearing substandard helmets, only to be surprised to receive a new one or a new visor.

MMDA provides better-quality helmets to motorcyclists image

“There was this tandem rider that we flagged down. Their helmets were obviously way past their recommended service life. The pillion was in tears upon knowing that they will NOT be ticketed and instead, will be beneficiaries of brand new helmets.”

Helmet lifespan

Like any other man-made material, motorcycle helmets do also have a lifespan. Their protective material deteriorate over time. Motorcycle safety riding experts, as well as helmet manufacturers themselves, recommend that as a rider, you should change your motorcycle helmet to a new one every five years. We’ve talked about it in detail on this past article, Motorcycle Gear: When to change your helmet.

Sadly, there are still many motorcycle riders who just see their helmets as a way to comply with the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 or in other words, iwas huli (for compliance and to avoid apprehension) rather than something that might save their life in the event of a crash.