Philippine Rabbit

No more loading or unloading of passengers along EDSA for provincial buses. In an effort to utilize the government-built intercity terminals, the MMDA will be monitoring provincial buses to ensure they do not pickup or unload along EDSA and other busy thoroughfares in Metro Manila. They will only be allowed to pickup and drop off passengers at designated terminals. Violators will be fined Php 500.

This new ruling is part of a dry run of bus terminal closures along EDSA in an effort to alleviate the major road of traffic. This move is hoped to encourage provincial buses to use new terminals like the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX), Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchange (ITX), and facilities located in Sta. Rosa Laguna and Valenzuela City. The Agency says that this move is a bid to decongest Metro Manila as these buses add about 3,300 more vehicles sharing the road in NCR.

This dry run is just the first phase of a long term goal of closing bus terminals along EDSA. The MMDA has been pushing for the closure of the province-bound terminals by June this year. The plan envisions a complete ban for provincial buses along EDSA and other major roads. Passengers from the provinces will disembark at the terminals and take other means of transport within the city.