Both old and new MC Lane possibilities being discussed

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) held the first public consultation with stakeholders yesterday, March 3, 2022, for the proposed new motorcycle lane.

New MC Lane

According to those who were present during the meeting, the proposed new MC lane will run parallel to the existing bicycle lane or about 1.5 meters of the lane that used to be a lane for vehicles. This is similar to the earlier proposal of Samar 1st District representative, Edgar Mary Sarmiento through House Bill (HB) 10609.

They also added that it is still being discussed whether or not this new lane will be exclusive for motorcyclists, or given the situation in EDSA, will be shared with other motorists.

Among the proposals that were also being discussed for MC lane consideration is the second lane from the right, which, if converted to an MC lane, will not be exclusive to motorcyclists, but will be shared with private vehicles that ply EDSA.

MC community is divided

While a lot of riders are NOT in favor of the re-implementation of the MC lane due to various safety and maneuverability issues, there are some who are in favor of the MC lane. According to them, an exclusive MC lane – similar to a bicycle lane – will act as some kind of a shield against unruly drivers who might cause an accident against a motorcyclist.

MRO is against the MC lane

The most vocal group against the MC lane, the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), has again expressed their opposition, saying that the “MC Lanes have raised serious questions as to how it came about and what studies were made and who made those recommendations,” through their position paper submitted to the MMDA.

MRO also questioned the legality of imposing such MC lanes along EDSA, saying that some cities along the major thoroughfare do not have an ordinance that requires riders to use only the MC lane.

Still being discussed

Again, the infamous motorcycle lane is being discussed by policymakers and all stakeholders. So far, another public consultation will convene to discuss the MC lane and the date is yet to be announced.