MMDA and 1-Rider Partylist in heated argument on social media

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has slammed 1-Rider Partylist representative, Bonifacio Bosita, for what seemed to be “favoring” motorcycle riders who obstruct the flow of traffic by taking shelter underneath overpasses during heavy downpours.

The MMDA earlier announced that they will start apprehending motorcyclists who obstruct traffic beginning August 1, 2023.

According to Rep. Bosita of 1-Rider, motorcycle riders who stop to put their rain gear on will still be obstructing the flow of traffic, and ticketing them will prolong their stay – which is still obstructing traffic.

MMDA and Bosita split over policy of obstruction vs motorcycle riders image

The MMDA, on the other hand, said earlier that they will allow riders who will just stop to put their rain gear on, which should take less than 2 minutes. Those who will stay longer are the ones who will be ticketed.

Rep. Bosita says that threatening motorcycle riders with a fine, especially those who have rain gear would be more dangerous because instead of stopping, these riders would speed up in the hopes of making it to a gas station for shelter before they get drenched from the rain.

In its rebuttal, the MMDA says that it is every motorcyclist’s responsibility to always bring their rain gear, given the Philippines’ weather conditions. Additionally, the MMDA says that it is not the agency’s fault if motorcycle riders can’t find a place where they can wait out the rain without obstructing other road users.

1-Rider Partylist suggested that the MMDA convert the space under the stairs of overpasses as temporary shelters for motorcycle riders during heavy downpours, in addition to other free spaces in the sidewalk without obstructing pedestrian walkways.

Designated rain shelters

Back in 2021, the MMDA designated spaces under some of EDSA’s flyovers as temporary “rain shelters” for motorcycle riders.

The emergency lay-by has allotted spaces for motorcycles to use – with designated entrance and exit signs.  Abalos reminded motorcyclists that the emergency lay-by is only a rain shelter. MMDA personnel will be assigned at the emergency lay-by to prohibit parking in the area.

Along EDSA, there will be motorcycle rain shelters at GMA Kamuning; Kamias, Santolan/Crame, Ortigas, Buendia, Tramo (left turning) Roxas Boulevard.

Along C5 Road, motorcycle rain shelters are at Tandang Sora, Aurora Boulevard, C5-Libis, Pasig Boulevard, and C5 Kalayaan elevated U-turn along C5 Road.

Along Roxas Boulevard, these shelters are at Roxas Jr. flyover (Delpan St.), Buendia flyover, and Roxas Boulevard-EDSA flyover Seaside Drive.