Aleix Espargaro uses Mips for the first time in MotoGP history

When it comes to motorcycle road racing, MotoGP is perhaps the epitome when it comes to rider safety, requiring only the best from what helmet and other riding gear manufacturers can offer.

For Aprilia rider, Aleix Espargaro, he only trusts a helmet that is equipped with Mips Technology.

Mips – Multi-directional Impact Protection System – is a patented helmet impact safety feature that made its debut at MotoGP with Aleix’s Mips-equipped Kabuto F17 racing helmet.

“I’m very proud to be the first MotoGP rider to use the Mips safety system with my Kabuto helmet,” says Espargaro. He added that there was no noticeable difference in the helmet feel vs the non-Mips equipped helmet that he previously wore during his races.

“Since I have been using the Mips system, I have not noticed any difference in the comfort of the helmet, but I personally feel safer riding in the MotoGP,” added Espargaro. “As you all know, Mips’ systems have been used in cycling for years, and from now on I also use the Mips system in the premier motorcycle championship in the world and I’m happy to help by sharing my experience. In my opinion, bringing Mips into our sport helps put a needed spotlight on helmet safety.”

Mips helmet in the PH

Helmets that are equipped with Mips Technology are not limited to those that are available abroad. In fact, these Mips-equipped helmets are available through BELL which has been in the industry since 1954 and introduced Mips-equipped helmets in the country in 2019.

Mips helmet safety technology now in MotoGP image

BELL MX-9 Adventure with Mips Technology


For example, in motocross, their MX-9 helmets are all equipped with Mips Technology, as well as their MX-9 for adventure riding.