LTO enforcers started flagging down MC Taxis because technically, they are still illegal

The operatives of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) have begun flagging down motorcycle taxis (MC Taxi) as part of their operations. According to the LTO Flying Squad team leader, who requested to remain anonymous, they are flagging down MC Taxi riders “because technically, they are still illegal under existing laws.”

LTO to flag down MC Taxis during operations imageAn erring motorcycle rider with no standard crash helmet, while also wearing slippers.

However, the good news is that these MC Taxi riders are being flagged down for the simple reason of documentation. What it means is that the LTO will only take the Driver's License (DL) number and vehicle registration info for reference use only and afterward, the MC Taxi rider can go scot-free.

Mahirap din ito, kasi iilan din lang naman kami. Ang problema talaga ay ang enforcement, kaya minsan ay humihingi na din kami ng tulong (What we’re doing is difficult because there aren’t many LTO enforcers. The problem is not the law but its being enforced, that’s why we are also asking for help [from the MMDA]),” said the Team Leader.

LTO to flag down MC Taxis during operations imageThe LPG delivery guy may have been ticketed for multiple traffic violations.

Unless however, the LTO enforcers find a traffic violation like an expired driver's license or registration or a signal light that is not working, or even if the MC Taxi rider is found not in compliance with the agreed guidelines of the MC Taxi Pilot Study Program, the LTO enforcers will have to issue a Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP) and depending on the severity of the traffic violation, the DL or the motorcycle can be confiscated until the fines or penalties have been settled.