MotoGP stars Marc and Alex Maarquez practice on dirt

After not having ridden a motorcycle since March 11, the Repsol Honda Team pairing of Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez are finding ways to train and keep their skills sharp, though not in the way you expect.

Due to tight restrictions the around the world, particularly for spectator sports like MotoGP and related activities, race tracks around the world have been closed to both races or even testing and training, as those activities tend to gather crowds and violate social distancing protocols.

Marquez brothers begin training again image

Despite this, the pair have been able to restart their engines and enjoy the feeling that only riding can give. The brothers have gone to the ‘El Bosquet’ Circuit in Ponts, Spain to get their ride on. Delighted to experience the sensation once again, Marc and Alex continue to expand and alter their training in line with government restrictions as they eagerly await the resumption of the MotoGP World Championship alongside the entire Repsol Honda Team.

Before this, their idle time was put to good use as the duo kept in physical shape by cycling outdoors in early May. Then, they headed to the dirt tracks to cross-train in motocross bikes.

As the world begins to reopen after the global effort to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Repsol Honda Team's brothers from Cervera will continue to follow the guidelines and safety recommendations of government and health experts. While Italy has opened its race tracks for testing and training of Italian riders, it is unfortunately not the same case in Spain.

While training on motocross is a far cry from the circuit training they're used to, dirt circuits in rural areas have far more relaxed regulations, allowing the brothers to ride and train as frequently as they need to.  Being athletes at the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport, it is essential for the riders to keep their riding skills sharp. As circuits begin to open, the duo will slowly transition back to their conventional training routine. In the mean time, however, this is as close as it gets.