Instrumented testing

Yesterday, Manila mayor, Isko Moreno, formally signed the city’s noise regulation ordinance. City Ordinance No. 8772, which was principally authored by councilor Joel “JTV” Villanueva, will regulate the use of modified/open exhaust mufflers and similar devices on all types of vehicles, except race or show cars and big bikes.

Vehicles thought to be in violation will be tested. If your sub-400cc motorcycle’s exhaust noise exceeds 99 decibels, based on a test taken at an engine speed between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm, then you are in violation. That’s PHP 1,000 fine for the first offense, with succeeding offenses having a PHP 3,000 and PHP 5,000 fine, respectively. The new noise regulation ordinance also says that the non-compliant muffler or similar device must be removed.

The removal is where a lot of riders became concerned. Since we’re living in the Philippines, a lot of laws and ordinances were often enforced subjectively by law enforcement units.

In the past, similar anti-noise regulations against modified/open mufflers were being enforced by some localities even if their enforcers were not equipped with proper noise level measuring devices. During those operations, the mufflers were simply confiscated, citing Presidential Decree 96 – which is a Martial Law-era decree against the unlawful use of sirens and blinkers.

No “baklasan” on street level

Going back to Manila’s Ordinance 8772, councilor JTV told that authorities WILL NOT remove or confiscate an erring motorist’s non-compliant muffler. However, they will require them to fix the exhaust device to be compliant upon redemption of the driver’s license from the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau’s (MTPB) office.

Manila City: Walang baklasan ng tambutso image

Kapag nahuli po dapat po ti-ticketan lang. Tapos, kapag tutubusin na ang lisensya kailangan po na napalitan na yung muffler na nagamit nya noon nahuli sya. Wala pong baklasan n mangyayari kapag nahuli po ang isang motoristang lumabag sa ordinansa. (When a motorist is apprehended, they should only be ticketed. Then, when they redeem their driver’s license, the muffler should have already been replaced with a compliant one. There will be no removal of mufflers on the street level for those who are found to be in violation of the ordinance.)"

Anyone can be tested

Naturally, those who will be found in violation of the new noise regulating ordinance of the Nation’s Capital may resort to creative ways to look “stock” but still maintain a modified exhaust’s noise.

Kahit stock po ang muffler pero kinalikot umabot or lumampas 99 decibels, huli po yun. (Even if the muffler looks stock but its internals modified and its exhaust noise reached or exceeded 99 decibels, that’s a ticket.),” said Coun. JTV.