City recognizes right to protection from pollution and injury

For many years, motorcycle riders around the country are being subjected to ordinances and policies that prohibit them from wearing face masks, bonnets or balaclavas, and even full face-helmets by some local government units or private establishments and subdivisions in spite of the nationwide helmet law. There are even some barangays and subdivisions that totally prohibit the rider from wearing anything on their head while within their premises, including sunglasses.

Some of these LGUs and establishments argue that it's for security purposes, but is security really worth risking our safety for? Personally, and as a motorcycle rider myself, I find these policies absurd. I have a right to protect myself from pollution; and in the case of my full-face helmet and gear, from injury.

Mandaue passes ordinance allowing facemask, bonnets while riding image

One LGU, however, is siding with the riders. Mayor Jonas Cortes, and the City Council of Mandaue City in Cebu has recently passed an ordinance that protects the right of every motorcycle rider travelling within their jurisdiction to wear facial protection (face masks, bonnets, balaclava, etc.) and head protection (open face / full-face helmet) as they please.

The details are outlined in City Ordinance 15-2019-1438, “An ordinance allowing the use of full-face helmet, half-face and or open-face protective motorcycle helmet and the use of the face mask to the operator and/or driver of a motorcycle and the back rider or passenger while driving within the territorial jurisdiction of Mandaue City.”

Mandaue passes ordinance allowing facemask, bonnets while riding image

“We have formally signed City Ordinance number 15-2019-1438 – an ordinance that will allow our fellow motorcycle riders to wear bonnets and facemask [and full-face helmets] as they please while riding their motorcycles for their protection against dust and pollution from the streets,” said Mayor Cortes in Cebuano.

The mayor further added that the ordinance came about when their motorcycle rider constituents lobbied for the abolishment of ordinances that prohibit them from wearing head and face protection while riding their motorcycles.

Do you think other cities should follow?