New measure to curb future drive-by shootings

The brazen daytime drive-by shooting that left two men on dead EDSA last Sunday has prompted Mandaluyong Police’s Senior Superintendent to recommend the implementation of a riding-in-tandem ban on the major thoroughfare.

A drive-by shooting perpetrated by motorcycle riding gunmen occurred just last Sunday along a stretch EDSA in Mandaluyong City. Two assailants onboard a motorcycle rode by and shot at a van. The encounter left two dead and at least one injured. The event occurred during an ongoing nationwide gun ban due to elections. Mandaluyong City also has an ordinance against passengers riding-in-tandem in a motorcycle, however, EDSA, which is managed by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has been exempt from the rule. A similar incident had occurred last year along EDSA in the Quezon City area.

Mandaluyong Police’s top cop hopes that an EDSA-wide riding-in-tandem ban will curb the likelihood of similar events in the future. The enforcement group hopes that MDDA and other cities will adopt a similar ban to what is enforced in Mandaluyong. The head officer claims that there have been no riding-in-tandem related crimes committed in Mandaluyong City since the ordinance’s implementation in 2015. Mandaluyong’s riding-in-tandem ordinance prevents male pillion riders on motorcycles unless they are “within the first degree of consanguinity” of the driver.

However, moves to ban riding-in-tandem in other cities in Metro Manila as well as similar crime prevention measures have been met with strong resistance from the riding community.

Besides the ban on male pillion riders, Mandaluyong City’s Senior Superintendent is also recommending a ban on helmets that cover the faces of motorcycle riders.

The Council of Metro Manila Mayors and the MMDA chief have yet to issue a statement with regards to this proposed measure.