Some disassembly required

We've been showing you a lot of how-to's, particularly on riding, but here's one that will appeal to our future riders, the young at heart, or those looking to start a new hobby.

A YouTube account by the name of Buba Kids Toys has uploaded some instructional videos on how to make a motorcycle toy out of old disposable lighters and other household items.

The video is a little over 12 minutes long but is very detailed. You'll need to disassemble a few lighters and use most of the parts for this build. You'll also see a list of items you'll need to make the motorcycle, as well as how to put them together. You can even pause the video and trace over the patterns displayed on screen to make parts like the fuel tank.

Besides the parts of the lighter, here are a few more items you'll need to make the toy:

  • Super glue

  • Hot glue gun

  • Small wire cutters

  • Some thin EVA foam (or old slippers)

  • Double-sided tape

  • Small long-nose pliers

  • Large paper clips

  • A small sheet of zinc (yero) thin enough to cut

  • A pair of scissors

  • Cotton buds with a plastic shaft

  • Soldering iron

Besides the above video, check out his channel for more videos on how to build a cafe racer, dirt bike, scooter, chopper, and even a Vespa from household items.