One of the innovators of motorcycle exhaust systems

Here in the Philippines, many are familiar with the Termignoni exhaust brand, likely through its association with high-end motorcycles like Ducati. Yet the aftermarket powerhouse had much more humble beginnings. It was started by a man with a vision to make motorcycles perform better through their exhaust.

Luigi Termignoni started his humble shop in 1969, some 50 years ago, aiming to bring the best out of Ducati, Honda, and Kawasaki bikes, particularly for the races. By the mid-'70s, realizing the deficiency in the dedicated exhaust systems market, Luigi began creating the first aftermarket exhausts dedicated to Kawasaki inline fours. The first pieces they produced were completely handmade, from bending, to welding, to the color. And of course, they were devoid of any silencer.

Luigi Termignoni, founder of Termignoni exhaust systems, 75 image

Fast forward to today, the company has won numerous races, including 16 World Superbike, 10 MotoGP, 2 Paris-Dakar, and Rally Raid World Championships. Thanks to Luigi Termignoni, there are now a lot of performance exhaust companies who followed his footsteps. With a wide variety of options, we can have our motorcycles not only instantly perform better, but also sound better.

Luigi, after being the company's president until 2015, has retired to enjoy his horses and dabble in agriculture, according to his daughter Anna. He died on the night between November 17 and 18. He will be missed.