Lucas Oil launches motorcycle oil line

Lucas Oil, a US-based oil manufacturing company, has officially launched their line of motorcycle-specific oils for the Filipino rider.

Though it may be new here in the Philippines, Lucas Oil has been in the market for over 30 years now. Founded by trucker Forest Lucas in 1989, he created the lubricant to extend the oil change interval for his fleet of trucks. His first product, the Heavy Duty Stabilizer, made the oil change intervals for his trucks 50% longer than before.

Lucas Oils from USA, now officially in the Philippines image

Lucas Oil also has a network of 30,000 stores, selling the 170 oil formulations they have for automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, and gun care. The company is also one of the biggest supporters of motorsports in the USA, with teams in NASCAR, INDYCAR, Hotrod Racing, World Pro Motocross, FIA World Rally Championship, and Hydroplane Racing. Lucas Oil, through the Speed Demon Team, is also a world record holder for the Fastest piston-powered wheel-driven Land Vehicle, reaching a record speed of 481.57 miles per hour, or 775.02 kilometers per hour.

Bong Alcalde, the CEO of Lucas Oils Philippines, the exclusive importer and distributor of Lucas Oils here in the country, has shared that despite the ongoing pandemic, the Philippine market still topped other Asian distributors, signifying that the Filipino consumer is aware that in the long run, quality oils like Lucas Oil products still deliver the best value for their money. Products like these not only extend the oil change interval but also extend the engine’s life as well as save on labor costs.

“In 2020, despite the pandemic, the Philippines has the highest number of sales in the Southeast Asian Region, beating Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea. Growing the brand and its presence in the Philippines will be the goal of 2021,” said Alcalde.

To date, all of Lucas Oil products are 100% made in the USA, at manufacturing facilities located in California and Indiana.

Lucas Oil products offer a wide array of motorcycle lubricants from semi-synthetics to fully-synthetic motorcycle oils that go beyond the manufacturer-recommended oil change interval.

Raemin Reyes of Motovita, distribution partner of Lucas Oil Philippines for its motorcycle products, has been supporting race teams entering motorcycle endurance challenges and races.

“This year, we started to test Lucas Oil with the Motosapiencs NMAX Endurance Team where 3 scooters finished and grabbed the 1st place finisher in the Trio Division. And right now, we have 2 Race Teams riding in race events at the MotoIR: the ERNSTuned Racing Team led by champion rider Dion Rey Escala and EK98/SEC Motosupply Race Team with rider Erika Ondillo. This only shows the racing quality in each bottle of Lucas Oil, and it is a more cost-efficient or technically, it costs less to use Lucas Oil because oil change intervals go beyond the usual 1,000 to 1,500 kilometers of other brands,” said Reyes.

The oil's performance in race conditions proves that Lucas Oil products extend the motorcycle oil’s lifespan, giving riders more savings versus changing the oil more frequently.