LTO warns against those offering license and vehicle registration online

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has warned anew against fixers who are now offering their services online. These services may even include  non-appearance driver’s licenses and even vehicle registration assistance.

Atty. Clarence Guinto, Director of LTO NCR West, said that people should not patronize these unscrupulous schemes especially during pandemic. They present themselves as LTO personnel, or as someone who knows someone inside the LTO, to scam people into getting their services for a hefty sum.

“This is a form of an online scam,” said Atty. Guinto, who also heads the Law Enforcement Service of the LTO.

These fixers, offer their services online through various social media groups and promise legitimate driver’s licenses, or even vehicle registration, without the need to appear before the concerned LTO satellite office. After receiving the required documents, they request for payment (via online means). Then, these scammers will immediately block the victim on social media and are never heard from again.

“We are having the matter investigated to identify and pinpoint these unscrupulous individuals and those who have knowingly patronized their services in order for us to institute the appropriate criminal, civil and administrative charges against them,” says LTO Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante.

The LTO has since extended the validity of expiring driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations to ease transactions with the agency.