Don't be so gullible

The Land Transportation Office today has warned against “fake news' that is spreading on social media. The fake news, according to the LTO, warns would-be student permit applicants to apply now because the agency will be requiring TESDA NC II starting next year, and that the exams for non-professional and professional licenses are the same.

From the agency's official statement, they called the post as “wrong” and “irresponsible” as many might actually believe that the news was true. The LTO further added that, although prerequisites will be implemented with regards to student permit applications in accordance with Republic Act 10930, these prerequisites do not include any TESDA NC II requirement of any sort. The full IRR of RA 10930 can be found here.

These prerequisites will be designed by the LTO to make sure that “driver's licenses are issued only to deserving applicants with sufficient driving skills and knowledge of road safety and proper road courtesy”.

For now, the LTO admits that they are still in the process of ironing out the details and guidelines that they will use to enforce the new law.

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