Karma goes digital

In the past few years, social media has become a platform for a lot of complaints; be it people's grievances over the terrible food they just ate; a recent bad relationship; and complaints about other unruly drivers or motorcycle riders on the road.

Who can blame them? In these times, going viral is the only way for the government to start enforcing rather than just turning a blind eye on complaints. Perhaps one of the very few government agencies now taking advantage of the social media 'name and shame' tactic to apprehend these erring citizens is the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Does anyone remember the driver who video-recorded his “talent” of driving his car from the passenger's side? Upon viewing his video, the LTO determined that what he did was reckless and may endanger other road users, especially pedestrians. They have since revoked his driver's license citing multiple traffic violations.

LTO wants you to help them catch traffic violators image

On November 8, the LTO-Partido district office in Bicol reported that they have issued a traffic citation ticket for reckless driving to a bus driver who was recorded overtaking over double yellow lines AND a pedestrian lane.

The LTO action stemmed from a viral dashcam video uploaded by Abegael Arborquez Zapanta Candelaria to her Facebook account. Upon receipt of the complaint, LTO Partido Chief, Arlete Logronio, coordinated with the management of the bus company about the incident and immediately scheduled a conference. As a result, the bus company management issued a memorandum for disciplinary action to the involved driver while the LTO issued a ticket for reckless driving with a recommendation for suspension of driver's license.

Based on these swift actions, the LTO has been encouraged by this method of reporting. They further stated on their official social media page, that they need all the help they can get from the public, especially from us who ride or drive every day. “LTO needs you. Let us keep our roads [safer]”.

If you have a video or a photo of someone who is deliberately committing a traffic violation, please help the LTO prosecute these drivers or riders. Just go to the nearest LTO office or, go to their official social media page, Land Transportation Office-Philippines and click on the “Send Message” button.

Kindly review photos and videos before you upload them. Be certain that these are clear-cut violations. Let us not flood the LTO inbox.

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