Not as simple as applying anymore

Getting a driver's license in the Philippines is surprisingly something that can be 'guaranteed' lately. Even without the aid of fixers, it's still surprisingly easy thanks to tests that are already answered and some parts of the process that are very lenient on the applicants. But before getting that non-professional or professional driver's license, one must first apply for a student permit.

A student permit allows any individual aspiring to apply for a driver's license to practice driving. Of course, they must be accompanied by a valid professional driver's license holder at all times. This permit is valid for one year, giving the holder more than enough time to hone his or her skills and learn the rules of the road.

So far, getting a student permit has been very easy. The applicant simply needs to be at least 17 years old, physically and mentally fit, as well as can read and write in order to secure one. This rather lenient set of requirements may soon be over as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) plans to implement the mandate of Republic Act 10930 or the “Act Rationalizing and strengthening the policy regarding driver's license by extending the validity period of driver's licenses, and penalizing acts in violation of its issuance and application, amending for those purposes Section 23 of Republic Act 4136, as amended by Batas Pambansa Blg. 398 and Executive Order No. 1011, otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.”

Danilo Encela, Chief of Technical Evaluation and Planning Section, has told on Friday that their agency will soon “tighten” the procedure of obtaining driver's licenses, including student permits. This is in accordance with Section 3 and Section 4 of RA 10930 which sets the establishment of stricter rules before the issuance of driver's licenses and the penalizing of any agency officer who “in any manner issues driver's licenses without the necessary examinations, connives with the applicant for the irregular issuance of a license to unqualified applicant”.

Besides the “stricter processes,” student permit applicants will also need to pass theoretical exams, and undergo road safety and road courtesy seminars totaling up to 15 hours (divided into several lecture throughout a week).

Will this help eliminate future kamote drivers and riders?

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