No abusive officers in its ranks

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has relieved the officers who were involved in a viral photo on social media. In the photo, an LTO patrol vehicle was improperly parked along a major thoroughfare, even occupying half of that road. The LTO enforcers meanwhile were enjoying their lunch.

“I have directed the Law Enforcement Service Chief to immediately relieve the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) from their present position, and to cease from performing law enforcement functions, pending investigation,” said LTO Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante.

Asec. Galvante added that those LEOs who used the patrol 8 were directed to explain their side within 24 hours from the receipt of the Memorandum dated January 21 as to why no disciplinary action should be taken against them. “We do not tolerate such behaviors, especially from our enforcers who are supposed to be the first to follow land transportation and traffic laws, rules and regulations,” added Asec. Galvante.

Non-contact apprehension

While the LTO may be a bit shorthanded when it comes to the number of personnel, they are now using other platforms such as social media to help them enforce traffic laws – with the help of the public.

On November 8, the LTO-Partido district office in Bicol reported that they have issued a traffic citation ticket for reckless driving to a bus driver who was recorded overtaking over double yellow lines AND a pedestrian lane.

The LTO action stemmed from a viral dashcam video uploaded by Abegael Arborquez Zapanta Candelaria to her Facebook account. Upon receipt of the complaint, LTO Partido Chief, Arlete Logronio, coordinated with the management of the bus company about the incident and immediately scheduled a conference. As a result, the bus company management issued a memorandum for disciplinary action to the involved driver while the LTO issued a ticket for reckless driving with a recommendation for suspension of driver's license.

If you want to help the LTO filter out unruly drivers or motorcycle riders from the road, even law enforcers who abuse their authority, the agency encourages you to send them pictures or videos to their social media site or visit the nearest LTO office in your area for proper disposition.

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