Goodbye manual TOP, hello electronic tickets

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is serious when it comes to automation to make its processes more efficient and convenient for the motoring public. This automation also includes a new electronic ticketing device that will be used by the agency’s law enforcers.

Just recently, personnel from LTO’s Law Enforcement Unit has undergone training on the use of a new handheld electronic device that they will use in the field. According to a report by PTV, the LTO says that the new device will be used by their enforcers when issuing an Electronic Temporary Operator’s Permit (E-TOP) to motorists who are caught violating traffic laws.

LTO to use new ticketing device that can accept settlement from motorists image

The new electronic device, which has some similarities to a handheld Point of Sales (POS) device commonly found in groceries with the ability to read/scan a card, can print a violation receipt, as well as accept payments for the settlement of a traffic violation – which will be implemented during phase 2 of the project.

These new devices will make the “manual” TOP obsolete and implementation will be underway starting February 6, 2023.