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There's much to be said about how easily a driver's license can be attained in the Philippines. Lately, some fixers have even been guaranteeing licenses, whether Professional or Non-Professional for the right price on social media. In some cases, no personal appearance or take of any of the tests is even required.

The lenient examination and processing currently leaves a lot of room for corruption, and the privilege of driving in the wrong hands.   

LTOA screenshot of license assistance services offered through social media.

Decades of corruption have led to the traffic mayhem that we are facing now. We have drivers that seemingly aren't aware of the rules of the road and even some vehicles that are not roadworthy somehow passing the motor vehicle inspection system. 

LTOLTO Chief of Technical Evaluation and Planning Section, Danilo Encela.

These loopholes may soon be closed once the LTO's new IT System becomes online. In a press conference last Friday in Paranaque hosted by TriMotors Technology Corporation, the Philippine distributor of Bajaj RE 3-wheelers in the country, LTO Chief of Technical Evaluation and Planning Section, Danilo Encela, has confirmed with that the agency's new IT System will soon allow for an online renewal of driver's licenses, as well as renewal of vehicle registration comparable to the system that is being enjoyed by citizens of first world countries like the U.S.

LTOAnother individual or group that offers driver's license fixer services. 

A large IT-solutions and data security company from Germany has just recently completed the design and construction of the complex digital infrastructure for the LTO and is now in the pilot testing phase.

“Coupled with the best and latest technologies, we are following a [set best practices in IT support to run] the operations of the LTO data center to support LTO’s operations 24/7,” said LTO Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante in a separate interview by the media.

This new system could practically eliminate the liberties fixers enjoy and make corruption a thing of the past. Encela said that one could simply go to the LTO's secured online portal to renew his or her driver's license or vehicle registration. Payments can also be transacted on the same channel through the e-Payment portal with real-time remittance to the Bureau of Treasury, effectively eliminating red tape in the agency. Although the Chief of Technical Evaluation and Planning Section did not elaborate on how the process will be, he hinted that it will be “as seamless as those abroad.”

On the issue of driver and rider training, Encela said that with this new system, written and practical exams that are specific to the type of vehicle will be given to DL applicants, with lectures that may last up to 15 hours (for student permit applicants) on the way. These improvements, the LTO hopes, will inculcate drivers and riders with the right attitude and instruction towards driving that may lead to the overall improvement of our traffic situation.

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