The LTO updates list of requirements for student permit applicants

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently published the new list of requirements for those who are applying for a Student Permit – a prerequisite before being a full-fledged driver’s license holder – and these requirements include a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-authenticated copy of a Marriage Certificate.

While this requirement is not new, some people might ask why. According to the LTO, the PSA-authenticated Marriage Certificate is only required to be presented by married women applying for a Student Permit. This is so that the agency can verify if there is a legal change of name, if any.

Obviously, this additional requirement is no longer required for single, non-married female Student Permit applicants.

List of requirements

For Student Permit applicants, the first step is to complete the required 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) at any LTO branch or one of their authorized driving schools.

After which, the student permit applicant can now proceed and fill up the Application for Driver’s License form (ADL) at the LTO branch and submit to the corresponding window along with the following:

PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate (and Marriage Certificate for married women)

Since the driver’s license that will follow the student permit is considered a valid government-issued identification, the LTO requires applicants to submit a PSA-authenticated birth certificate to verify that the applicant has provided them with valid info. As mentioned above, an additional supporting document in the form of a Marriage Certificate will be required for married women.

Parent’s consent for minors

Since the LTO allows student permit applicants as young as 17 years old (minor), an additional duly notarized parent’s consent (or Affidavit of Custody + consent) should be submitted, along with a government-issued ID, plus photocopy and signature of the parent/ guardian. The ID photocopy with signature will be retained by the LTO for their records.

This is to ensure that the parent/ guardian of the minor is fully aware and has given consent to the minor that he or she is being permitted to drive a vehicle or motorcycle.

Valid ID

The LTO also requires the student permit applicant to submit any ID that he or she may possess, like a school ID or club membership ID with his or her photo. A photocopy of this ID with signature will be retained by the LTO for their records.

Medical Certificate

To make sure that all student permit applicants are physically and mentally fit to drive a vehicle, the LTO requires all student permit applicants to undergo screening at any of their authorized clinics. The LTO-authorized clinic will then electronically-submit the results to the LTO.

Certificate of Completion

Since the applicant has already completed the 15-hour TDC, the LTO-authorized driving school will submit the Certificate of Completion to the LTO database electronically, which will then be verified by the LTO officer.

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Last but not the least, if the student permit applicant is already employed, he or she must also submit/ provide a Tax Identification Number or TIN to the LTO.

For foreign nationals who also want to apply for a student permit, the LTO requires an additional document such as the passport with an entry date of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least one (1) year from the date of application. A photocopy will be retained by the LTO for their records.