Cebu stunt riders catch LTO's attention

Being able to do wheelies on a motorcycle is probably one of the coolest thing a rider can do. That is, if he or she has the skills to do it, and does so in a safe environment or venue.

Yesterday, pictures and videos of what seemed to be a group of motorcycle riders doing wheelies together went viral on social media. While there’s nothing wrong with doing wheelies onboard their motard bikes, they did the stunt on one of Cebu’s public roads, which could be dangerous to the other road users, especially the pedestrians.

This blatant disregard for safety irked the offices of LTO Region 7.

LTO Region 7 chief, Victor Caindec, through his social media account, has said that he already gave orders to hunt down these motorcycle riders and has already issued a Show Cause Order against them.

He added that, LTO R7 have already coordinated with PNP’s Highway Patrol Group (HPG), Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO), and the PNP to help them find these motorcycle riders who were performing stunts on public roads.

What are the possible sanctions for doing stunts on public roads?

According to the LTO, doing stunts on public roads could be considered as “Reckless Driving” and is punishable under the agency’s Joint Administrative Order 2014-01. The minimum fine is PhP2,000 for the first offense, and PhP3,000 + suspension of driver’s license for 3 months on the second offense. For the third offense, a driver will be meted with a PhP10,000 fine plus 6 months suspension of his or her driver’s license. 

A fourth reckless driving ticket will force the LTO to revoke your driver's license.


News reports from The Freeman say that the riders voluntarily appeared before LTO Region 7 chief, Victor Caindec, earlier today. 

The riders were all issued tickets and their licenses confiscated. Ther riders were also ordered to serve community service.