The LTO commits itself to better public service

The Land Transportation Office has just announced that the long standing backlog of issuance of driver's licenses nationwide has been resolved.

It all started in 2013, when the LTO was not able to print driver's licenses and it reached an alarming 3-million in backlogs. The LTO said that this DL backlog issue was fully addressed two years ago.

Right now, the agency is issuing new and improved driver's licenses with 32 security features and comes with a 5-year validity in accordance with Republic Act 10930, which could be extended up to 10 years if you're a law-abiding motorcycle rider or driver.

In order to serve the public better, the agency is also enhancing its IT system to streamline various transactions, including new applications and renewal of licenses. One such example of the enhanced system is the Online Personal Appointment and Scheduling System (PASS), where, as the name implies, allows applicants for license renewal to set up appointments online.

Aside from online scheduling of appointments, Driver's License Renewal Offices in malls nationwide are now open on Saturdays as well and can process renewal and student permit applications. In order to ease the long queues and address the issue of fixers, the LTO will also deploy self-service driver’s license renewal kiosks in malls across the country.

To address the issue of fake medical certificates, some LTO offices now only accept medical certificates submitted online by accredited clinics and doctors.

Expect to see more improvements in efficiency within the LTO in the coming months and year. The agency aims to further harness digital technology to improve efficiency in service and eradicate corruption and red tape.