E-bikes may soon be required to be registered

Not too long ago, Bubble Gang – a popular comedy show aired by GMA 7 – did a skit that parodies many e-bike users who have full disregard for traffic laws. While the skit was funny, it was also a mirror of the sad reality that many motorists face when encountering unruly e-bike users – many of whom did not undergo proper seminars with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and thus do not possess a valid driver’s license.

According to LTO chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, the agency may soon require registration on all e-bikes regardless of capability or type. LTO Administrative Order 2021-039 outlines the classification, registration, and operation of all electric motor vehicles.

LTO may soon require all e-bikes to be registered image

LTO chief, Assistant Secretary Atty. Vigor Mendoza II


“If [the e-bike] can only run up to 25 km/h, it’s not required to be registered with the LTO. Although we’d like to deviate from that thinking and we’re coming up with a proposal, that even if the e-bike cannot reach 25 km/h, if it is being used on national highways like EDSA and the operator [for example] is a minor and is not a valid driver’s license holder, we have a problem,” said Mendoza.

The LTO chief added that regardless of the capability or maximum speed of the e-bike, as long as it is used or ridden on a public road, it must be registered with the LTO and its operator as a valid driver’s license holder.

“So, we're coming up with a proposal regardless of the speed of the vehicle [e-bike] that once it is used on public roads – and it is supported by law – it must be registered with the LTO,” added Mendoza.