LTO's 15 accomplishments for 2023

This year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is celebrating its 111th founding anniversary. Initially established under American colonial rule in 1912 simply as the Automobile Section, LTO up to this day is the only government agency responsible for all land transportation in the country.

In line with the agency’s 111th anniversary, LTO lists its top 15 year-to-date achievements under the leadership of Assistant Secretary, Atty. Jayart Tugade.

Electronic ticket

Back in January, LTO began fielding its new handheld electronic device for issuing Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) to erring motorists. These new devices will make the “manual” TOP obsolete and full implementation started on February 2023.

Online renewal of registration

In February, LTO introduced the online vehicle registration system. Basically, renewal of a vehicle or motorcycle can now be done online, without the need to visit an LTO branch.

Based on the statement from LTO, however, only vehicles that went through a Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) are qualified for online renewal of registration. The reason for this is that only PMVICs have access to the LTMS, but not the Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs).

Additionally, there’s a set of criteria that should be met. Read further here.

LTO lists 15 accomplishments year-to-date for 2023 image

Driving school fees capped

In March, LTO capped the fees charged by driving schools for Theoretical Driving Courses (TDC) as well as Practical Driving Courses (PDC). Memorandum Circular No. JMT-2023-2390 took effect on April 15, 2023.

Brand new small bikes with 3-year registration

Starting May 15, Memorandum Circular No. JMT-2023-2395 will be enforced. This means that all brand-new motorcycles with 200cc and below displacement will now have a 3-year registration – the same as cars and big bikes.

LTO chief Jayart Tugade also stressed that the agency sees no issues with 200cc and below motorcycles with 3-year registrations when it comes to roadworthiness since these are still practically brand-new.

Incentives for EVs

LTO offered incentives to Electric Vehicle (EV) users through discounted fees, including 30% discount on battery-powered EVs, and 15% discount on hybrid EVs.

The discount covers the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC), registration and inspection fees.

Change Venue Fee removed

In the past, motorists who will renew their vehicle’s registration at a different LTO venue will be charged a PHP 100.00 Change Venue fee. The LTO has removed this fee to “eliminate unnecessary costs to vehicle owners.”

Removed periodic medical exam

In April, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has issued a new directive that would make periodic medical examinations of driver’s license (DL) holders with 5 and 10 years of validity no longer necessary.

According to LTO chief, Atty. Jayart Tugade, studies and consultations conducted by the agency revealed that there is no evidence or data that connects periodic medical examinations in preventing road accidents.

Registration processing time must be posted in showrooms

Also in February, LTO issued a memo requiring all dealers to display in their showrooms the processing time of a new vehicle’s registration.

According to the infographic shared by the chief and LTO’s official social media page, it should only take dealers between 3-5 days to complete the registration process (OR/CR and number plate) for motorcycles, while cars and other types of vehicles should only take between 7-11 days.

It is worth noting, however, that the LTO also issued a memo temporarily stopping the production of license plates until further notice on March 13, 2023.

Vintage Vehicle Regulations Act

LTO also lists their enforcement of RA 11698 or the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act as one of their achievements for 2023.


LTO has also installed and configured the Motor Vehicle Recognition and Enforcement System (MVRES).

MVRES is an IT-based system that reads vehicle license plates and RFID tags, similar to the ones used by tollway operators.

LTMS for driving schools

Also this year, LTO has fully implemented its Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) for driving schools to enhance the management of driving institutions.

Free TDC and PDC

Just recently, LTO offered a nationwide free TDC and PDC to driver applicants as part of the agency’s 111th anniversary celebrations.

No need to present OR

Also this year, LTO made it clear that presenting the Official Receipt (OR) of the driver’s license during an apprehension is not a requirement.

LTO IT training hub

LTO says that the agency has successfully established this year its IT Training Hub for automated driver’s and traffic violation seminar trainings, enhancing the quality of training received by its law enforcement units.

Isumbong mo kay Chief

In March, LTO launched Isumbong mo kay Chief (Report it to Chief) online complaints desk. The new digital complaints desk, “Isumbong mo kay Chief” is a QR code-based app where LTO’s customers can submit a formal complaint (or even commendation) related to the agency’s staff, services, and even processes.

LTO adds that the complaints submitted will be better if supported by a photo/video as evidence, and erring employees if any, will be subject to due process and investigation by the agency.