LTO has officially revoked the DLs of the riders in viral video

Last month, we witnessed a video that went viral on various social media platforms. The video which was originally uploaded on TikTok showed a couple of riders on board their BMW adventure bikes, all without proper riding gear. What infuriated the public was that not only were the riders were using sirens and blinkers or wang-wang, but were also riding recklessly in one of Binan, Laguna’s main thoroughfares.

LTO revokes licenses of 'viral GS riders' image

By law, the use/installation of sirens and blinkers are only reserved for law enforcement and emergency vehicles only. Civilians are prohibited from using/installing such devices.

License revoked

It was no less than the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) chief himself, PBGen. Rommel Marbil, who wrote to the Land Transportation Office chief, Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante, recommending the revocation of the driver’s licenses (DL) of those who were involved in the viral video.

LTO revokes licenses of 'viral GS riders' image

Acting on the complaint,  Show Cause Orders were issued upon the riders and they were chared with the following violations: 1) Reckless Driving, 2) Failure to wear a helmet, 3) Failure to attach motor vehicle license plate, 4) Motor vehicle operating with unauthorized accessories, and 5) Improper person to operate motor vehicles.

In their defense during the hearing with the LTO, the riders claimed that the video was filmed during a motorcade of a local politician, and it was “conducted in a controlled setting being manned by the local authorities with reasonable caution and without causing harm to any persons.”

LTO revokes licenses of 'viral GS riders' image

They also added that the operation of their motorcycles with sirens and blinkers (unauthorized accessories) “is inconclusive to rule that it is manifestly prejudicial to the road safety,” and that the said unauthorized accessories were only installed solely for the purpose of participating in the local election motorcade.

“This office does not concur,” says the LTO. “The acts of the respondent riders clearly showed that they have no reservations in violating the land transportation laws and rules and regulations considering that at the time of incident they blatantly committed several violations which is an unacceptable behavior of a rider,” added LTO on the resolution which was signed by Atty. Clarence  Guinto, Acting Director for Law Enforcement Service.

LTO revokes licenses of 'viral GS riders' image

With that said, the LTO has resolved to cancel/revoke the driver’s licenses of the motorcycle riders involved in the viral TikTok video and were ordered to surrender their DLs asap to the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of LTO.

“The Land Transportation Office issues a driver’s license to a person who possesses not only the skills to drive but also a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to obey traffic laws, rules, and regulations. A person with a driver’s license is likewise expected to give due consideration to other motorists and pedestrians and avoid committing acts which endanger lives, properties, and public safety.”