LTO digitizes complaints desk through new QR code based site

As a motorist, transacting with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is something that we do not look forward to because their processes are not convenient and seem like it's still stuck in the Stone Age.

For example, just renewing a motor vehicle’s (MV) registration takes the whole day because of long queues and LTO’s slow process. That’s also the same story when someone is renewing his or her driver’s license and that individual would need to take the whole day off from work because most LTO offices are closed during the weekends.

Those above are on a “normal” day at the LTO. When their computer system goes down, those who are transacting would need to come back another day and hope that LTO’s IT system would run like a well-oiled machine and won’t break down.

There are other problems that a motorist would encounter when transacting with the LTO and they’re too many to mention in this story. Oh, and there's the issue with the millions of license plates backlog for motorcycle riders.

Now, the new LTO chief, Atty. Jayart Tugade is spearheading a program where motorists can log their complaints through an app-based QR code, digitalizing the agency’s complaints desk.

Alam po namin sa LTO na medyo meron pa po kaming pagkukulang at malaki pa po aming kailangan i-improve ‘pag dating po sa customer service namin,” says Tugade.

(We at LTO know that we have shortcomings and there’s still a lot of room to improve when it comes to our customer service.)

The new digital complaints desk, “Isumbong mo kay Chief” is a QR code-based app where LTO’s customers can submit a formal complaint (or even commendation) related to the agency’s staff, services, and even processes.

“Nais po namin humingi ng tulong sa publiko, sabihin nyo po sa amin kung saan po kami kailangan mag-improve (We appeal to the public to help and tell us where we need to improve),” added Tugade.

LTO adds that the complaints submitted will be better if supported by a photo/video as evidence, and erring employees if any, will be subject to due process and investigation by the agency.