LTO still using old computer system that charges clients with fee

Recently, a paid advertisement circulated in newspapers claiming to be from various transport groups has accused the Land Transportation Office of still favoring the old IT system of the agency that has resulted in computer fee charges that amounted to billions of pesos.

LTO chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II said that only 3% of the total vehicle-related transactions of the agency involve the old IT system, which was developed and maintained by STRADCOM.

In the morning news hosted by Ted Failon, Mendoza clarified that only 3% of vehicle-related transactions use the old IT system and must pay the PHP 169 computer fee.

“97% of our transactions are done through the new IT system, which is the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS). Under the LTMS, we don’t charge clients because the government already paid for that. Now, we have 3% [remaining] transactions that use the old IT system, which was developed and paid for by the old IT provider and they are allowed to require a computer fee,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza further clarified that the use of this old IT system was allowed by the Department of Transportation because there are still areas within the country that cannot accommodate the bandwidth requirements of the new LTMS.

Mendoza also added that the new LTMS has its limitations, like being unable to do multiple transactions at once. During these limited instances, according to Mendoza, the LTO will use the old IT system.

Meanwhile, 100% of driver's license-related transactions are done through LTMS.