LTO Cebu chief warns against reckless riding on TCH

If you're from the Visayas, you're likely aware of  Cebu's Trans Central Highway (TCH) that connects the east and west sides of the island.

Because of its beautiful winding roads, it has easily become a favorite proving ground for motorcyclists who want to test their riding skills.

Unfortunately, just like in Marilaque, TCH's winding roads are also a magnet for a growing number of incidents, many involving riders pushing the limits and resulting in an accident.

Land Transportation Office Region 7 (Cebu) chief, Victor Caindec, has again reminded motorists that the the TCH is not a playground. Anyone who drives on the road must be aware of its risks.

To highlight the lacl of concern for the dangers, he shared his recent discovery.

The chief himself flagged down a motorcycle rider and his backride because they were not wearing any protective gear. Upon verification, he was surprised that the driver was only 12 years old, and was accompanied by a younger pillion who was only 10 years old.

“In this picture, a 12-year-old driver and a 10-year-old passenger. He told me that his mother allowed him to drive a motorcycle to bring their educational modules to the school,” said Caindec on his social media post.

Not a playground

LTO Cebu chief flags down motorcycle, rider was 12yo image

According to Caindec, not too long before this, 3 accidents were reported to have happened in just one day along the Cebu TCH. Some time before that, another accident was also reported, taking the lives of 4 people.

“Even if we conduct daily operations in the area, if motorists do not understand that the TCH is not a playground, road accidents will never stop,” added Caindec.

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