To minimize spread of COVID-19

To help minimize the spread of coronavirus, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has again reminded motorists who transact with them to follow the minimum health and safety protocols.



Additionally, they want you to bring your own ballpen to use when filling up forms in their office.

Before, clients transacting with the LTO would only be required to wear a face mask and face shield, as well as to regularly disinfect their hands with either alcohol or soap and water.

While there still is no definitive study that proves the coronavirus can be passed through objects, the LTO is taking extra steps to avoid the spread of the virus. According to some studies, an infected person, through droplets in his or her hands (e.g.: from sneezing or coughing) could possibly spread the virus through objects that he or she touched.

LTO Las Pinas closed

Starting today, March 26 up to March 31, LTO Las Pinas District Office, as well as the Las Pinas Licensing Extension Office, will be closed to the public.

This is due to thorough disinfection being conducted in the entire facility. The LTO advises motorists to visit or transact with other LTO district offices near Las Pinas. That would be LTO Pasay, LTO Paranaque, LTO Muntinlupa, or LTO Bacoor.