These are the set speed limits depending on the type of road

Our country’s roads, as chaotic as they may be, has their designated speed limits set by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). For example, if you’re riding along a busy street like Reina Regente St. in Manila, you should not go beyond 20 kilometers per hour (KPH).

Below, the LTO has prepared an easy-to-understand infographic for drivers and also motorcycle riders on what speed limit to follow depending on the type of road they are on. These are all based on Section 35b of the Republic Act 4136 or The Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines.

Look: the LTO reminds motorists that we have speed limits image

20 KPH

Though the traffic situation may force us to ride our motorcycles within 20 KPH or less, in times of light traffic, the LTO still wants us to ride within the 20 KPH speed limit if we’re riding on inner and busy streets where there’s a lot of foot traffic, just like the example mentioned above.

30 KPH

When riding on municipal and city roads, we should not drive or ride beyond 30 KPH. Examples of these types of roads are the Scout streets in Quezon City, and Masangkay and Teodora Alonzo streets in Manila.

40 KPH

When riding or driving on bigger and wider roads like a boulevard that has no blind corner, the LTO sets the speed limit to 40 KPH. A good example of this type of road is Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Shaw Boulevard, and Mindanao Avenue.

80 KPH

For roads that are bigger than a boulevard and have no blind corners and commercial structures, the speed limit set by the LTO is up to 80 KPH. A good example of these types of roads are the newly-built by-pass roads commonly found in provinces outside of Metro Manila.

EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, Quezon Avenue, and C5 which are either part of the country’s Circumferential or Radial road network, have a speed limit set to 60 KPH.

Failure to follow the designated speed limit may cause the driver or rider a speeding ticket, which could be upgraded to Reckless Driving if he or she is driving or riding way beyond the designated speed limits on that particular road.

Look: the LTO reminds motorists that we have speed limits image

Who are exempted from these speed limits?

While we have these speed limits set, the LTO still gives certain exemptions depending on some circumstances like an emergency. Hence, a doctor who’s on his or her way to a patient is given an exemption to the speed limit rule.

Additionally, speed limit exemptions are also given to ambulances, a vehicle that’s carrying a patient in immediate need of emergency care, Armed Forces of the Philippines convoys/vehicles, police vehicles, and fire trucks.

Remember, speed these speed limits are set for you to drive or ride safely.