Rock it like Tony Stark

Familiar with the movie, Iron man, and its sequels? You may soon have your own personal Jarvis or Friday as French company, EyeLights, is set to release one of their newest products next month called the EyeRide.

EyeRide projects a small image onto your helmet's visor, instantly turning it into a heads-up display (HUD) capable of showing Waze, Google Maps or any other navigation app. It's connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth so you can also make phone calls or even control the track you are listening to – all hands-free via voice commands.

The EyeRide kit also includes an outer control unit that can be attached at the side of the helmet and a small projector unit that can be mounted inside the helmet, just above the eye. It can also be utilized as an intercom system via the app, Discord, potentially widening its range. Of course, all this is highly dependent on the strength of your mobile data connection.

The new EyeRide system is expected to retail at €299 or roughly Ph₱17,000.

Just earlier this month, also published a story about a similar device that will turn your glasses into an instant HUD. Called the Smartglass Light Drive by Bosch, the system acts as a display extension and the information is conveniently placed at the corner of your eyeglasses.