Riders line up at Parañaque City Hall to reclaim license after violation

Earlier this month, we reported about Parañaque City’s implementation of a motorcycle lane (MC lane) along Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue (Sucat Road) and Ninoy Aquino Avenue.

Just on its first day of implementation (October 19, 2020), hundreds of motorcycle riders were ticketed by the city’s traffic enforcers.

Now, we got a glimpse of the plight of one of those caught violating Parañaque City’s MC lane ordinance.

In a social media post by Francis Earl Reyes shared on to a group of motorcycle couriers, there were at least 300 motorcycle riders earlier in Parañaque City Hall waiting in line to be called and to settle their Ordinance Violation receipt. He was number 73.

This is what you’re up to if you violate Parañaque’s MC lane imagePhoto by Jesse Abucay

The long lines are now a daily occurance at the city hall, where hundreds of motorcycle riders line up very early just to get a number and the chance to reclaim their driver’s license within the day’s cut off. Most of them are working in the motorcycle courier services industry.

On July 16, 2020, Parañaque City mayor, Edwin Olivarez, has signed City Ordinance No. 2020-23 which designates the outer lane (rightmost lane) of both sides of the 12-kilometer thoroughfare as an MC lane. A portion of which will be shared with bicycles.

For motorcycle riders caught violating the MC lane, a ₱1,000 fine will be imposed.

Non-exclusive lane

This is what you’ll deal with if you violate Parañaque’s MC lane image

As mentioned above, the right most lane of Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue (Sucat Road) and Ninoy Aquino Avenue were designated as both MC and bicycle lanes. Motorcycles with displacements under 400cc (like underbones and scooters) are required to use the lane. Big bikes will be allowed to use any lane without penalties.

“Expressways legal motorcycles with 400cc and above displacements shall be allowed to ply the other lanes.”

No overtaking, no excuses

Some motorcycle riders alege this ruling leaves them unfairly discriminated against.

“It only targets regular [working class] motorcycle riders,” said one rider who requested to remain anonymous.

He said he was ticketed for violating the MC lane. He says he only exited the lane briefly to avoid a PUV that was unloading passengers on a No Loading/ Unloading area. The PUV driver, on the other hand, was not apprehended for any offense. Nonetheless, as the ordinance has said, it is a non-exclusive lane.