Lifan straight-up copies Ducati...again

Here in the Philippines, motorcycle Chinese-made knock-offs are nothing new. There are underbones and scooters which are deadmatch copies of Hondas, Yamahas and even KTM dirtbikes.

Then there’s Rusi’s Mojo motorcycle. The Mojo, which looks like a small Ducati Monster, was originally a 110cc motorcycle. Some owners even went as far as slapping on Ducati badging. Not surprisingly, it’s price tag is very very cheap for a motorcycle. Rusi has since upgraded its engine to 200cc.

Dubbed by Ducati owners themselves as a “Ducatoy”, it has became a novelty among fellow Ducati owners themselves. Some even bought themselves whether to poke fun at each other, or use as a village bike. 

Lifan has a Ducati-like pocket bike imageReal Ducati Scrambler vs Lifan Hunter (upper right)

Now, Lifan, which also manufactures motorcycles under different brands for distributors around the world has come up with the Hunter 125. It highly resembles Ducati’s Scrambler.

Just one look at the Hunter 125 and you’ll know the Italians won’t be happy. It captures the Ducati Scrambler’s overall silhouette and design cues, from the tank, headlight, brown seat, down to the exhaust and single instrument cluster, all at a smaller scale. The engine is 125cc, paired with a 4-speed transmission.

The wheels are similar to scooters in size at 14-inches for the front and rear. Tthe brakes are both discs. Overall, it looks pretty decent, packing some reasonable kit for its price.

If you are a Ducatisti, would you buy this new Ducatoy from Lifan?